Financing Experts

We are a team of experts from investment and banking environment.

We are able to assess the potential of a business plan in detail, as well as, whether it is suitable for the private equity sector or the banking sector.

We will assist you in the preparation and set-up of your business plan and accompanying documentation so that your chances of acquiring funds are maximised. We will propose a type of financing, we will address financial institutions or investors, moreover, we will secure the most favourable financing conditions on the market.

And we will claim our remuneration after financing has been approved with binding effect.

Matúš Minarič Peter Javorský Andrej Tonkovič Marek Paulen Matej Gaboň


  • A 100% success rate

  • Our fee is paid after the financing has been approved

  • Cooperation with most entities of the financial market

  • Multi-sectoral experience and high knowledge of the financial sector

How we work

When we dive into a business plan, we can identify bottlenecks and propose a financial model so the project become more attractive for banks or a private equity fund. We will contact them on your behalf, and we will fight for the best conditions of financing. You know our commission from the very beginning of our cooperation, but we will become entitled to it after the financing has been approved.

  • We analyse financial statements and future cash flow of the projects
  • We prepare documentation and financial statements for a bank or an investor
  • We negotiate conditions of corporate or project financing
  • We provide professional assistance, information and opinions related to the financing
  • We give advice related to the sale of any type of assets, or company shares
  • We perform legal and financial due diligence

The process of funding approval

You execute with our help

We execute

You execute with our help
You provide us with basic information / documents about your company or project.

Financial statements, general ledger, balance of receivables and payables or description and budget of the project.

2 weeks
We execute
Step 1

After review of documents, we will evaluate the possibilities and suitability of financing.

You execute with our help
We sign the power of attorney and a consulting agreement with you.

Agreeing on the specific scope of services provided and the associated reward.

2 weeks
We execute
Step 2

After a detailed final analysis of the documents, we will prepare a financing presentation which, among other things, includes a cash flow projection and a proposal for the financing structure.

You execute with our help
We complete all the necessary documents together.

Completion of all necessary documents for financing. Confirmation of the final funding structure.

4 weeks
We execute
Step 3

We communicate with banks and ensure the draw up of an indicative loan offer. Following the mutual agreement of the financing structure, we will complete the approval process at the selected bank and subsequently we will present you with binding loan offer.

You execute with our help
You sign the loan agreements and drawdown a loan.

Signing of credit documentation, registration of liens in the notary central register, cadastre and commercial register. Submission of documents required for drawdown a loan.

2 weeks
We execute
Step 4

We comment on the bank contract documentation. Before drawdown, we check If the drawing conditions are all met and complete the necessary documents. We will do everything necessary for a smooth and seamless drawdown of the loan.

Total 10 weeks

Matúš Minarič


In Welltis, Matúš specialises in the field of energy, logistics and manufacturing financing.

He graduated from the Prague University of Economics focusing on corporate management and finance. For the following six years he was gaining experience in the largest Slovak banks as a product specialist in the Energy and Real estate project financing. Subsequently, he worked as investment manager in a private equity fond, where he oversaw renewable energy projects.

mobile: +421 902 272 155

Andrej Tonkovič


In Welltis, Andrej is responsible real estate financing and corporate financing focusing on acquisitions.

He graduated from the University of Westminster in London focusing on finance. During the studies he completed an internship at Structured Finance department. After graduating, he worked at a Slovak bank as a product specialist at Factoring and Trade Finance Department. Shortly, he worked for private equity fond as a project manager. Subsequently, he founded consulting company which primarily provided economic advisory for real estate projects and company acquisitions.

mobile: +421 908 537 847

Matej Gaboň


In our company, Matej is responsible for financial analyses and credit risk assessments, which is crucial for ideal financing structure for our clients.

He graduated from the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica focusing on finance and banking, and he has been involved in this field for almost 15 years. He was engaged in risk management in Slovak and foreign banks. He was primarily focused on the assessment and structure of transactions for large corporate clients, private equity groups and real estate projects.
In addition, he participated in the building of a business network of corporate centres of a bank in Slovakia, where he was in charge of a credit analysis department.

mobile: +421 903 034 934

Marek Paulen

Senior Business Analyst

Marek is in charge of collecting and processing data for analyses and simultaneously preparation of analyses and presentations.

He studied finance and banking focusing on investments and engineering at the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. Marek has 3 years of experience in the banking environment, where he prepared a conceptual design of a new data and analytical structure.

Peter Javorský

Relationship manager

We cooperate with Peter externally. For our company Welltis, he is actively searching for new business opportunities/ costumers.

He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. He worked in the field of commercial banking for 20 years. He had the opportunity to work in banks in several positions, from a branch employee, through a personal banker, a corporate credit specialist, and a relationship manager, to the director of the regional corporate centre. He has spent most of his career in the field of corporate client care and financing.

Ivan Jurina

Software architect

We have been cooperating with Ivan externally since 2021. He manages the implementation of technological and organisational tools.

He graduated from the Mendel University in Brno focusing on economics and informatics. After graduation, he was gaining experience as a software developer and analyst for AVG, Bluetec and Kentico.

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