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It is a long-term or short-term financing based on a projected future financial cash flow of a project. The basic indicator is the ability of a project to cover its debt service. Each project should be self-supporting, and all the costs of the operation and possible repairs should be covered only from the project revenues. This financing is specific in that the amount of a loan is not tied to the historic amount of EBITDA, but to the future amount of EBITDA.

Types of projects

  • Real estate – residential projects, retail, administration, logistics, leisure, social services projects
  • Infrastructure – PPP projects and others
  • Energy – photovoltaic power plants, biogas stations, biomass power plants, small hydroelectric power plants, steam-gas cycle, and others


Financing of direct operational needs of a company.

Funding type

  • Overdraft
  • Factoring and funding of receivables – a simple way of the operational financing of short-term receivables before their due date
  • Forfaiting – the purchase of accounting and/or promissory note receivables due in the future with the waiver of retroactive penalty in case the debtor fails to pay
  • Pre-financing – a specific type of financing suitable for a one-off pre-financing of orders or contracts (financing the purchase of material, overheads, etc.)
  • Agri-financing – direct payments, commodity financing, land purchase financing, financing agricultural cooperatives


Financing development activities of a company, using capital from a bank or from the private sector. We will prepare an analysis of a company’s financial situation, we will propose a type of financing, we will recommend an optimal structure and we will negotiate the best conditions on the market.

Situations of the need for growth capital for a company

  • Buying own premises
  • Acquiring technology
  • A new investment opportunity
  • Compensation paid to a business partner

Acquisition or sale of a company

You know your company best, but the sale or purchase of it at a requested price may be a hard nut to crack. We have helped tens of owners to purchase or sell their firms and therefore we know difficulties of the process.

We put great emphasis on understanding your business. After that we will start to prepare a sale or a purchase. We analyse the market in order to find the best available possibilities, to adjust procedure and to prepare the company for the highest valuation possible. If we represent a buyer, we strive to set up the most optimal financing structure possible.

Situations when capital is needed

  • Employee or management buyout
  • Sale of subsidiaries or business units
  • Generational succession
  • Sale of an insolvent company


Signs of a company’s financial problems are visible much sooner before economic crisis erupts. In most cases, the identification of a negative progress is a key step toward recovery.

Restructuring brings changes which should help to enhance competitiveness, to prepare funds in order to overcome economic crises or to change the direction of the entire company.

Services provided

  • Assistance with the refinancing of problem assets
  • Mediating the purchase or sale of problem assets
  • Ensuring financing to buy problem assets
  • Renegotiation of credit facilities

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